Customize to your business

When you start in-house catering contract with us, we take care of the planning, delivery, and setup of each meal at your office. Your employees will spend less time on driving, parking, ordering and waiting so there will be more time connecting with your team over lunch, making office lunch something to look forward to everyday. Let Muhibbah Caterer make it easy.

Customized Meals

Menus are designed based on employees’ demographics and budget. Each dish is hand-selected to match your team’s tastes and dietary needs.

Healthy Diet

Planning to be fit? Our chefs will make you fit with the right food and right menu on a daily basis.

Muhibbah Chef

Vast Selection

Explore the best local & western menus.

Transparent Feedback

Tell us what you like, what you prefer, and Muhibbah caterer will change the future menu selections to suit your preferences.

Multiple Menus

We offer options and seasonal menu as a balance to the occasional indulgence in a corporate company.

Reliable Service

Enjoy your meal without the stress of logistics or delay. We serve on-time to accommodate corporate’s break time.