How a Muhibbah Caterer meal subscription works

The beauty of Muhibbah Corporate catering contract is that it is very simple. Just get in touch with us to set up a consultation in order to help us better understand your needs. The best part is we even give free trial at our own cost to give opportunity for the employees to taste our food and services.

What is free trial?

We want to give real experience by running a trial version of our service and for all the employees to feel how we operate daily in your own environment.

The main reason we are giving out this free trial at your location is to give a simulation of real situation in your own office instead of testing our food at our place where it is not “connected” with your respective organization. Our clients can evaluate not only the food we serve but also the service in your office in terms of delivery time, logistics and so on.

Get started with a one-on-one consultation so Muhibbah Corporate Caterer can learn about your organization’s need.

Organization can rate and review future meals for further tailored based on your employees’ feedback monthly.