Malaysian mind set on employments, loyalty and current statistics show that the main attraction of employment loyalty is not only the salary but the management’s leadership and company’s direction.

Every employee has the personal interest in a job and would like to excel in their job and climb the corporate ladder. Statistic shows that average turnover in Malaysia is increasing due to lack of leadership from the top management and company’s growth.

The aspect of loyalty engraved in each and every employee and the top element is a personalized focus. Employees need to be treated as individuals that have an impact of organization’s growth from the bottom to the top. The layers of a company determine the autocracy but it should be equally treated.

One of the best elements is to provide food for the employees which clearly shows the increase of the loyalty and productivity level. Companies such as Google, Shell, Yahoo and most of the IT companies offering free meal for their employees generally have low turnover. Employers investing in employees’ benefits such as their meal create a bond for the company. Not only in terms of performance but it also increases positive perception on the company.

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