Lunch is solved!


Challenges for employees during lunch

  • Distance > from work place to food place
  • Parking facilities
  • Food choices
  • Waiting period because everyone share the same lunch hour
  • Price factor due to the location
  • Peace of mind during lunch time

By giving free lunch, employees have more than 30 minutes to actually take rest during the lunch time and that can really impact a person’s performance.

Why it’s so important for employees and employers

Company’s biggest asset is all about people, and one of their energy boosters is of course, food. It is not about the salary which they will be getting every end of the month. Each and every one has to get a decent meal and by making it smooth for employees, they will give better

A company that offer free lunch will make them feel comfortable about their working environment and clear out all the worries and challenges to get the most essential meal of the day in the office


Reducing employees stress on lunch will contribute to their best performance. Apart from the other benefits a company provides such as accommodation and transportation, they are all not a daily motivation but food is.